Top Ten Tuesday [7.29]

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Top Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

2014-07-28 22.14.11

♥ Tamora Pierce [25] – I looove her! I’ve got all of her Tortall books (including a hardcover set of the Protector of the Small series that isn’t in the picture) and some of the Emelan ones, plus an anthology that she has a couple of short stories in.

♥ Lemony Snicket [13]The Series of Unfortunate Events tridecalogy (Wikipedia tells me this is a word? I don’t know.) was a huge part of my childhood, they’re just so great!

♥ Patricia Briggs [10] – I’m working my way up to a collection of all of her books, her Mercy Thompson series is my favorite.

♥ William Shakespeare [10] – I have a great six-volume set of his completed works, plus some of my favorite plays individually.

♥ J. R. R. Tolkien [9]  – By now you’re all aware of my love for Tolkien, so it’s no surprise that I own a lot of his work. I’m also pretty sure that I own more than this but I only spotted nine on my shelves at the moment (I’m currently having a shelf organization dilemma).

♥ J. K. Rowling [9] – Six of the Harry Potter books (my copy of Half Blood Prince was lost, I don’t want to talk about it), a duplicate of The Prisoner of Azkaban that was gift, and the first two of the series supplement books (I have read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sooo many times!).

♥ Rob Thurman [8] – I’ve been collecting the Cal Leandros series for a while, I’m always down for urban fantasy.

Stephen King [6] – I feel like it’s very strange that this number is so low, it’s totally possible that I’ve stashed more Stephen King books elsewhere and forgotten about them because I’m sure I had more than than this.

♥ Chuck Palahniuk [5] – Definitely went through a Palahniuk phase in high school, I’m pretty sure my senior quote in the yearbook is from Invisible Monsters.

♥ Clive Cussler [25+] – Between my parents and I, every single one of his books has probably passed through our house at some point. I have five on my shelves in my bedroom, there are probably ten more on the shelves in our office, and who knows how many in boxes or stacks or somewhere around the house.

Honorable mentions to L. J. Smith, S. M. Stirling, Richard Dawkins (as an anthro major I read a lot of his books), and Lilian Jackson Braun – paperbacks of “The Cat Who…” series have been floating around my house for as long as I can remember, I’ve probably read them all. What authors are filling up your shelves? Leave me a link in the comments so I can check out your post!


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday [7.29]

  1. +JMJ+

    Hmmmm. I didn’t think about counting the books of other people in my home. Had I done so, though, Danielle Steele would have made my Tenner! (Thanks, Mom. LOL! =P)

    When writing my post, I also had the sense that some authors were too poorly represented. I was sure they’d rank higher, but numbers don’t lie! I’ve been making the TTT rounds, and while many bloggers brag that their lists were predictable, others reflected that they were surprised to know how few or how many they had by different authors.

    • You’re so right about the numbers not lying! I probably spent half an hour checking around my house for more Stephen King books because I KNOW I’ve read more than the ones I own (and I don’t recall having checked them out from the library) – I have no idea where they’ve gone, but I definitely read them.

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