Fancast | The Raven Boys

Book of the Month

Ashley @ Falling Down the Book Hole and I wanted to add a little something fun to our FCLA Book Club posts for this month, so we decided to do fancasts for The Raven Boys!  This took me way longer to figure out than I thought it would and I eventually came to the conclusion that I was just going to have to settle for actors that are a lot older than the characters they’re portraying because my knowledge of high-school-aged actors is just about non-existent – so think of this as the boys (plus Blue!) 5+ years after the events of the book.

Blue | Ellen Page
She’s got just the right look to match up with the Blue that I see in my head (although Ellen has much longer hair than Blue does), and her demeanor seems very fitting of Blue’s personality too!

Gansey | Paul Wesley
I struggled with this one for a long time and I’m still not sure I got it right. Paul has the right look but he doesn’t smile enough (at least not in pictures, which is such a shame) to quite match up to the Gansey in my head.

Adam | Charlie Carver
Either of the Carver twins could work for Adam, but I’m definitely leaning heavily towards Charlie (not just because he’s my favorite) – there’s just enough of a difference in their looks that Charlie fits this character a bit better than Max.

Ronan | Charlie Hunnam
Even though the age is totally wrong the Ronan in my head is a close match to Charlie Hunnam circa 2005 (Green Street Hooligans specifically), especially with that smile of his that sort of destroys you every time you see it.

Noah | Iain De Caestecker
It took me a while to figure out who I would cast as Noah – putting a face to “the smudgy one” wasn’t easy – but as soon as I stumbled across Iain while scrolling through my Tumblr looking for options I knew I’d found the perfect match.


I had so much fun doing this! If formatting the entire post wasn’t giving me so many difficulties right now I’d add a couple of the ladies of 300 Fox Way – I’ve got a a few ideas as to which actresses would fit their interesting personalities. If you’ve read The Raven Boys leave me a comment and let me know who you would cast as our favorite Aglionby students (also, if anyone has an idea for Whelk I’d love to hear it, I just could not put a face to him) – and be sure to check out Ashley’s fancast here!