Book of the Month | Week Three Reactions

Book of the Month

As you know, Ashley @ Falling Down the Book Hole and I have been reading Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys together this month and this week I decided to focus our reaction post on our favorite quotes from the chapters we read (25-36, if you’ve been following along).  I won’t be including too much as far as plot-specific details go this week but it still may be a bit spoilery, so read at your own risk!

Ashley’s Favorites:

“As Adam stared at his lap, penitent, he mused that there was something musical about Ronan when he swore, a careful and loving precision to the way he fit the words together, a black-painted poetry. It was far less hateful sounding than when he didn’t swear.” (Ch. 25, p. 238 – after re-reading this part when I saw it was one of Ashley’s favorite quotes I found it interesting that Adam, who has every reason to, doesn’t even flinch when Ronan is swearing at him.)

“She felt like she’d done so much work to appear as eccentric as possible, and still, when it came down to it, she was sensible.” (Ch. 32, p. 303)

“Ronan looked pained; polite was not his style.” (Ch. 26, p. 247 – I am right there with Ronan on this one, oops!)

“He was cagey and cute, so I assumed he was trailer-park trash with a police record.” (Ch. 34, p. 323)

“Ronan’s smile cut his face, but he looked kinder than Blue had ever seen him, like the Raven in his hand was his heart, finally laid bare.” (Ch. 32, p. 304 – we both agree that this was one of our absolute favorites!)

Autumn’s Favorites:

“There was a flash of fangs from the passenger seat, but before Ronan truly had a chance to strike, they both heard Gansey call warmly…” (Ch. 25, p. 238 – Ronan gets a lot of animal-like descriptors, but this is probably my favorite.)

“Blue tried not to look at Gansey’s boat shoes; she felt better about his as a person if she pretended he wasn’t wearing them.” (Ch. 28, p. 262 – I laughed!  But seriously, Blue’s got the right idea here.)

“The thing about Ronan was that he had no limits, no fears, no boundaries.  If Gansey had been Ronan he would’ve crushed the gas pedal to the floor until the road or a cop or a tree stopped him.” (Ch. 33, p. 311-312 – oh, my heart…)

“Orla came down for the gossip but stared so admiringly at Ronan that Calla yelled at her to leave and give everyone more space.” (Ch. 35, p. 330 – I feel you Orla, I feel you.)

“A car was a wrapper for its contents, he thought, and if he looks on the inside like any of the cars in this garage looked on the outside, he couldn’t live with himself.  On the outside, he knew he looked a lot like his father.  On the inside, he sort of wished he looked more like the Camaro.  Which was to say, more like Adam.” (Ch. 31, p. 295)

We’re both pretty Ronan-centric with our favorites this week (when am I not Ronan-centric with my favorites?), there were just so many little insights in to his personality, it couldn’t be helped!  I ran out of sticky tabs a little while ago, but if I had them while reading this book I guarantee they would be marking almost every single Ronan moment (and plenty of Blue’s sassy remarks).

Our Thoughts So Far:

  • When it comes to the ladies of 300 Fox Way Ashley’s favorite is definitely Calla, hands down.  Mine is probably Orla, she doesn’t show up as often as the rest but when she does it’s gold.
  • We’re both really interested in the Cabeswater with its Latin-speaking trees and the time fluidity, we want to know more!  Also, how did the trees “know” Ronan and Blue?  Why could only Gansey and Noah hear them? We’ve got a few theories, we’d love to hear yours!
  • I think the last few chapters of this section left both of us a little worried for all of the boys, for different reasons, but hopefully we’ll get some answers before the end (and we’ve definitely still got some questions about Noah, even though we did finally get some answers about him).
  • I’m always a big fan of cars as significant objects so I’m loving how much the boys’ cars have revealed about them right from the beginning (“If his BMW was shark-like, it had learned how from him.” – Ch. 2, talking about Ronan), but especially so in this section of the book when it comes to Gansey his Camaro.

That’s a wrap for this week, a bit less chatty than our previous reaction posts because Ashley is currently in Las Vegas so we couldn’t have our usual idea-sharing Skype session, but I did my best!  Be sure to stop by next week for our final reaction post, I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good one!  If you’ve got theories, favorite quotes to share, or just wanna swoon over Ronan with me don’t be shy, leave me a comment! Here are the links to our previous reaction posts if you’d like to check them out:

Week 1 | Week 2

Also, if you haven’t been following Maggie Stiefvater’s tour adventures via her Twitter (@mstiefvater), you totally should be!


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