Book Of The Month | Mid-way Reactions

Book of the MonthAs of today me and Ashley @ Falling Down the Book Hole are halfway through Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys!  You can see our thoughts on the first part of the book here, we had a lot of them.  In addition to our mid-way reactions I was inspired by the psychically gifted ladies of TRB to attempt a three card spread for each of us with my Thoth tarot deck.  I am very, very much a beginner when it comes to reading tarot cards and doing a spread for someone via Skype probably isn’t super effective, but we tried!  My spread was actually pretty interesting and you can see both mine and Ashley’s over at her blog along with our thoughts on everything we’ve read so far in The Raven Boys!

2014-07-11 21.39.02

I’ll be hosting our reaction posts for the second half of the month so be sure to stop by next week and join in on the discussion!


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