Top Ten Tuesday [7.08]

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Top Ten Blogging Confessions

♥ I am terrible at keeping up with the blogs I follow, absolutely terrible.  I follow a bunch of book blogs (obviously) and quite a few lifestyle blogs as well but there are honestly only two or three that I am check-every-day serious about following.  For the rest I usually scroll casually through my WordPress Reader or Bloglovin’ feed when I have some down time and see what catches my eye.

♥ I go back and read through my own blog posts all the time and if I stumble across any spelling mistakes or awkward phrasing I’ll fix it, mostly for my own peace of mind.  I’ve always got my blog and my Tumblr open in tabs so I can scroll through them and make sure everything looks right (even if making it “look right” means re-tagging a .gif of Sebastian Stan from back in February, for reasons).

♥ I’m guilty of judging a blog by its “cover” when I’m looking for blogs to follow.  I’m far more likely to follow a blog that looks clean and organized than one that’s in full technicolor and cluttered with blurry graphics.

♥ It can take me forever to write posts because I want my blog to read similarly to the way I think but I’m so used to the technical and formal writing that I had to do so much of in college that it’s actually difficult for me to type in a more casual voice.

♥ I’m very easily distracted from blogging so I’ll forget to keep up with posting or I’ll take a while to respond to comments.  Mostly I’m okay with this because I’m primarily blogging for me, so I can get my thoughts out of my head and share them with like-minded people, but I can definitely see how this inconsistency can be frustrating (even I get frustrated by it at times) so I’m working on my scheduling skills.

♥ I am super picky about grammar so if I’m reading a post where the grammar is sort of awful there’s a pretty good chance that I’m going to bail about halfway through (if I even make it that far).  If the content is something I’m interested in I’ll try to stick around but I can’t make any promises.

♥ I read a lot of blogs about blogging, is that weird?  I’m just really interested in the different approaches people have to making their blogs pretty or how they inspire themselves to write posts, the entire concept of blogging fascinates me.

♥ I find it kind of obnoxious when bloggers promote their posts via every single social media site ever.  I’m cool with seeing tweets about new posts on Twitter, same for anything that pops up on Tumblr, but when I start to see it on Facebook and Pinterest too?  And then I pick up my phone and see that they’ve posted a photo (that I already saw in their post) on Instagram?  Not cool.

♥ If I love a specific blog post I’ll end up keeping it open in a tab all on it’s own for a while, sometimes a long while, so I can go back and read it (or look through the pictures!) again and again.

♥ I’ve been some form of blogger for what feels like forever.  I made my first LiveJournal account at the age of twelve and while that first username didn’t stick around long (it had something to do with ladybugs, which is weird because I hate ladybugs) I eventually found one that worked for me and I reigned over my LJ kingdom until my sophomore year of college.

This one was sort of tricky!  I’m not sure all of these count as confessions but they’re the best I could think of.  What are some of your blogging confessions?  How about blogging pet peeves?



5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday [7.08]

  1. I’m so much like you in terms of having difficulty writing in a casual voice! I too spent so much time writing in a critical/literary voice that I feel like my reviews tend to seem like term papers sometimes, and it’s hard for me to use caps and fangirl over things because it’s hardwired into my brain to be formal in my writing (but I’m working on it!) Great post this week!

  2. A blogging pet peeve is probably bad grammar, haha. I know everyone makes mistakes (sometimes when rereading one of my posts, I’ll notice that I used the wrong form of “its” and will be mortified, lol), but sometimes it’s like, there are a million mistakes and it gets annoying.

    Awesome confessions! I’ve been seeing this post everywhere since yesterday and am starting to think I should do it, too!

    • I am definitely right there with you on the bad grammar…and I definitely feel the same way when I stumble across mistakes in my own posts (then I rush to click the ‘Edit’ button and fix them, even on posts that are weeks old).

  3. It’s pretty fair to only read what interests you despite following a thousand blogs. While I find myself frequently editing and proofreading my posts as well, I think I’ll still feel like there’ll always be something wrong with it! Also, I’m sure you’ll find a balance between the technical and casual prose in reviewing that will certainly become a voice that will be uniquely yours!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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