Vacation Update!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week!  I can’t believe my vacation is almost over, I’m not ready to go home (or back to work – work definitely cuts in to my reading time).  I’ve spent most of the time out on our dock reading, which is one of my absolute favorite things to do, there is nothing better than this view accompanied by a good book.  I read most of Fangirl in this spot before it got too dark and I had to go inside to finish it – there will definitely be a review coming up once I’m able to type it without sighing over the cuteness every 30 seconds (you guys, I loved this book)!

2014-06-24 16.12.22-1

Today I’m out exploring with Ashley (of Falling Down the Book Hole, and my real life BFF), we’re planning on doing some blog-related things for a bit and then spending the rest of the week reading away.  We wandered through a cute little indie bookstore called Blue Phoenix Books in downtown Alpena, Michigan – I stopped in there earlier this week too and picked up a few things, I’m all for supporting local businesses (especially bookstores!).

2014-06-26 11.49.57

Shops like this one always remind me of how I spent most of my childhood wanting to work in the bookstore that used to be in the little town close to where I live (it was called Read Between the Lines, isn’t that clever?).  I would love to spend my day surrounded by books and have that be my job, that just sounds perfect, but unfortunately indie bookstores seem to be a dying breed.  Keep an eye out for a future post on my thoughts on this and the apparent decline of interest in reading physical books.

2014-06-26 12.15.52We found ourselves a cozy little coffee shop to hang out in for a little bit so we can do a quick catch up on blog things and skim some of the recent posts on the blogs we follow.  This place makes a drink called the Northern Lights Latte, it’s coconut and toasted marshmallow and it is to die for.  Coffee, books, and my best friend – can’t think of a better way to spend the last few days of my vacation.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of planning and brainstorming for the blog this week and I’ve got lots of fun things planned for it once I’m back home (with access to consistent WiFi), I’ve even got a little collaboration with Ashley @ Falling Down the Book Hole in the works that I’m really excited about.  I hope you’re all having a beautiful Thursday, and we’ll be back to our (relatively) regular schedule this weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Vacation Update!

  1. It sounds like you’re having such a fun time on your vacation! Your photos are beautiful and that little bookstore looks adorable. If I ever find myself in that area I’ll be sure to check it out. I’m heading away in a couple weeks and I’m SO excited! There’s a little indie where I go that I always visit at least 7 times in the week I’m there. 🙂

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